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Over the years it has become harder to find suitable venues for Clubs such as ours. There are various degrees of anti dog feeling around the country at the current time which has led to lots of community facilities being withdrawn to dogs and their owners. We are very grateful to the Committee of the Potter Heigham Village Hall for their support, understanding and hospitality in allowing us to help the general public to train their dogs

We feel that dogs have an important position in society, and as a responsible Dog Club we aim to teach our Members the importance of responsible dog ownership within the community as well as how to build and improve their relationship with their dogs both inside the home and out in the community.

The clubs philosophy is that all dogs can be trained once its owner has knowledge of basic handling, together with the skills required to maintain the well being of their animal
Our aim is to teach responsible dog ownership, resulting in confident dog owners with happy, well mannered pets. We do this by teaching a carefully graded series of exercises that encourage obedience in the dogs and pride of achievement in their owners. All training is done with kindness using praise as a reward. On no account will we tolerate any dog being handled harshly.

We have experience of training all of the popular breeds and many of the lesser known such as the Australian Cattle Dog, Bichon Frise and Dandie Dinmont, also the so-called difficult, breeds such as the Rottweiler, Doberman and Bull Terrier. From a Great Dane to a Yorkshire Terrier, we never refuse to help to train any dog regardless of its size or breed.

Generally a dog is brought to club for basic training. Members usually attend weekly until they are happy with the standard that they achieve,. We also cater for those members who want to go further than just basic handling, for this we have the higher grade class on a Thursday night and another separate night for purely competition handlers and dogs. We have formed our own display obedience team from these members

We have a wide range of ages taking part at all levels from as young as 8 years to well over pensioner age. Some members have come from as far as London, purely because other clubs have been unable to teach them to train their dog. We are a voluntary organization specifically run for dog training purposes. We run Companion Dog Shows in aid of both animal and human charities and alongside Gt.Yarmouth Dog Training Club run an Open Obedience show weekend in September at which people from all over the British Isles attend.

We feel our club is not just a place to train a dog, although obviously this is of prime importance, it is a place where the whole family can come for a social evening out and a chat over a cup of coffee. We are a very sociable friendly club where families can make new friends as well as learning how to train their four legged best friend.

We also run various canine events throughout the year such as Companion Dog Shows, training days and Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme test days.


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