Our Committee and Trainers

Chairman and Chief Trainer: Paul Jordan
Secretary and Trainer: Dick Blinch
Treasurer and Trainer: Pat Jordan
Committee Members:
Val Whitehead, (K.C.G.C.D.S. Coordinator and Trainer)
Joy Cushion, (Administrator)
Viv Shaw
Stewart Shaw
Sharon Sparkes

All our committee Members are volunteers. We receive no financial reward. We are rewarded by watching our members, through our training classes, learn how to control, play and build a rewarding relationship with their dogs and in some cases go on to compete successfully in canine events such as obedience, agility and flyball. We encourage and support our members to train their dogs to the best of their abilities. We are just as proud of the members who leave the Club with a happy well mannered, well trained dog as we are of our members who go on to compete at Crufts.

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